Thursday, August 4, 2016

Former President of Mexico’s Ruling Party Implicated for Long List of Crimes

Opposition Senators File Complaint for Unjust Enrichment, Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, Embezzlement During Moreira's Term as Coahuila Governor

The former president of PRI is accused also of unjust enrichment, bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice and embezzlement of public funds (Xalapa Noticias)
Humberto Moreira Valdés is accused of unjust enrichment, bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice and embezzlement of public funds. (Xalapa Noticias)
lSenators of the National Action Party (PAN) of Mexico have filed a complaint against Humberto Moreira Valdés, the former head of the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) and former governor of Coahuila.
The document, filed before the Inspector General’s Office (PGR), lists allegedly committed crimes such as money laundering, unjust enrichment, obstruction of justice, bribing, fraud, and embezzlement of public funds.
PAN Senator Luis Fernando Salazar Fernández also accused federal authorities and Coahuila state authorities as accomplices, arguing that they were complacent by not investigating the immense debt left by the 2005-2011 Moreira administration.

They also didn’t investigate the huge corruption network detected by US federal authorities linking former Coahuila officials to organized crime, Salazar claimed.
“We have filed a formal complaint before the PGR against the Coahuila pillagers. As always, our country’s authorities continue wanting to be complicit and remiss in investigating and sanctioning those who put Coahuila in debt. The US has already sentenced a former public servant and some business owners. They have pointed out the participation of Humberto Moreira in these acts. Add accusations toward him and his brother Rubén Moreira for multi-million bribes. Organized crime gave them that money in exchange for protection and freedom to operate and commit crimes in the state,” he said to local press.
Recently, during a trial in San Antonio, Texas, witnesses claimed that the Los Zetas cartels had paid US$2 million in bribes to Humberto Moreira’s close aides. The money was meant for protection and a “permit” to operate in Coahuila northern region, where several massacres took place.
The testimonies also implicated the current governor and brother of Humberto Moreira, Rubén Moreira, who allegedly received a car full of cash. So far, there is no official stance of the Coahuila government on these accusations.
“While in other countries investigations take place and justice is served, in Mexico Humberto and Rubén Moreira are still untouchable. When Moreira was detained in Spain, the PGR said there was no investigation for lack of plaintiffs. There are no excuses today.”
In the complaint, the senators remind the Inspector General’s Office of their power to ask US authorities for documents, registries, evidence and the information necessary for the investigation.
“Unfortunately, what’s missing is political will,” Salazar Fernández said.
In 2013, Forbes Magazine included Humberto Moreira in a list of the most corrupt Mexican officials.
Source: Proceso.